Hi everyone! I am Miss Hira. I’ll be graduating this year with a HD in Early Childhood Education, supported by four registered professional teaching qualifications under the EDB. I’ve got four years of experience in different fields, further enhanced by teaching practicum experiences in international institutions of various beliefs. Having worked as a teacher in a diverse set of schools has instilled in me an optimistic, cheerful, and open-minded approach to teaching. I cherish every child-led interaction with children and strongly believe that they’re ingenious individuals, who are looking for a qualified and responsive ECE practitioner to acknowledge and enhance their creativity through various engaging methods, exactly what I’m aiming at! I’m also an advocate for ensuring no child is left behind and each of their needs is taken into consideration. With that in mind, I’m eager to join the team and meet all of you, genuinely wishing for a wonderful time together, see you!

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