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Over the past decade, Enrich English has been providing Native English teaching service to various kindergartens in Hong Kong, including S.K.H. Kindergarten, Po Leung Kuk, The Salvation Army, and Semple English Kindergarten, among others.

Educational Consultants will first understand the needs of the
school. After
conducting internal interviews and screening,
they will
forward the resumes of qualified foreign teachers

to the respective principals and arrange for the teachers
conduct teaching demonstrations at the learning center.
Foreign teachers are required to meet the following qualifications:
Native English speakers with experience in teaching young children
Experience in teaching English phonics curriculum
Being eligible to work in Hong Kong
Clear criminal record as verified through Sex Conviction Record Check (SCRC)
Completion of on-site curriculum teaching training
Supervision and Evaluation
We conduct supervision and evaluation for each on-site service teacher. After the observation, the evaluator will engage in discussions with the principal or designated supervisor to assess and monitor the teacher's teaching performance
Interest class
We also provide after-school interest class services, such as Phonics, Storytelling and Conversation classes and Trinity GESE
Exam Preparation classes, as
English enrichment programs.
Please feel free to email us at to contact our NET
Service department
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