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We understand that English proficiency can vary among students
of the same age group. We believe that the
most effective
learning method
is to allow students to enroll in courses
that correspond to their current abilities.

Therefore, when determining which courses are suitable for
Enrich English takes into consideration
not only their age but also their individual capabilities.

In order to effectively monitor students' progress
and ensure that they are enrolled in appropriate courses,
Enrich English has
established a
comprehensive assessment system.

Support_Entry Assessment en.png
Support_Teachers's Comment en.png
Support_End Term Assessment en.png

All assessments are conducted in English by our Assessment team. During the process, our Assessors use engaging
and interactive methods to assess the students, creating a
relaxed and encouraging environment
that enables
them to answer the questions.

This allows parents to have a better understanding of their child’s English ability, discuss ways on how to support their child’s learning at home and to know which course is suitable for their child.


Our Phonics curriculum includes review videos.

Our workbook provide QR codes for reviewing purposes. Parents can scan the QR codes anytime and anywhere to engage in review sessions with their children.

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